November 2017,

For Immediate Release

TLC mmWave Products Inc. and TLC Precision Wafer Technology announce the release of new SMART City “Standing Wave”technology. While patents have been filed and are awaiting approval, this new technology will be available for commercial use in 2018. Standing Wave technology provides a mmWave sensor and communication system for autonomous vehicles,  while also providing 5G voice & data services for Smart City networks. 

The core that powers Standing Wave technology is TLC’s patented MINT chip and linear phase shifter. They make it possible to accelerate data rates beyond Gigabit per second and provide the highest level of encryption to supported devices. This new technology furthers TLC’s mission in providing 5G networks to power the future of technology.

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TLC Technology Includes:

  • 5 GHz – 100+ GHz Low Band and High Band Operation
  • Gigabit Per Second Data Rates Over Satellite and Wireless
  • Full Hardware Encryption
  • 802.11 Wifi Network
  • > 1 million scans per second for surveillance, autonomous vehicles and security
  • Autonomous Vehicles Encrypted Network
  • Managed Surveillance
  • Managed Security
  • Voice/Data Services
  • Broadband Service
  • Satellite Backhaul Uplink
  • Millions of Devices Supported